Waveriding Top Turn

The Top Turn is a way of redirecting your board off the top of the wave to 'accept it's energy and charge with it' (as Bodhi would say in Point Break). The better your timimng and technique the more you will become addicted to these. As you top turn and drop down the wave you are then gaining momentum (speed from gravity) and you can then look to use this to bottom turn again and head back up the wave for another turn.

As your wave riding progresses you can build up to:

  • hitting the lip (breaking section of the wave) later, to get more energy and feel even more excitement
  • cutting back to take you back upwind to a better / steeper section of the wave
  • top turning one handed
  • lip sliding
  • aerials, jumping off the lip as you top turn and looking to land back in front of the wave
  • aerial tricks and slides, like ponches, takas

One Handed Top Turn from Dave White on Vimeo.

Jem Hall Wave Clinic, August 2012, Solo Sports Adventure Holidays, Punta San Carlos, Baja, Mexico. from Clive Boden on Vimeo.