This is the core of aerial/sliding freestyle and started the revolution that has transformed windsurfing. You are either into it or not. However, once you get that first slide backwards you will be hooked. The move is built from having good flat water chop hop / popping skills and fast hands.

Flat water popping
Sailing switch foot to get the exit skills required


Popping. Setting up for the move from a crouched position and using the spring from your legs and pulling up on your arms will enhance your pop.

Look where you want to go. Look behind you as soon as you take off to make the board rotate.

Stay over the board. Keep centered so as to land on your toeside, which will give you the slide.

Key Stages

Popping the board and getting it round
Getting the slide backwards
Stability in switch stance and changing the feet

Key Moves

  • Slide front hand up to mast
  • Unhook and crouch, ready to pop
  • Pop and look behind you whilst releasing back hand
  • Draw rig tight across your chest
  • Keep weight forward and land on toeside
  • Switch hands – old back hand goes over front hand to become new front hand
  • Slide backwards
  • Sheet in as you slow down
  • Get stable whilst in switch stance
  • Change feet and exit.