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Windsurfing Clinics - the ULTIMATE Performance Boost

Jem's clinics allow you to achieve your personal goals in some of the World's best windsurfing venues. From flat water locations such as Egypt to mixed locations such as Rhodes and to different wave locations such as Brazil, Morocco and Ireland.

Some skills you can learn whilst on a clinic:

Intermediate Windsurfing Skills

  • Carve Gybes
  • Duck Gybes
  • Shortboard tacks
  • Faster and better waterstarts
  • Earlier planing 
  • Higher top end speed
  • Better upwind performance
  • Improvers (Marsa Alam, Egypt and Prasonisi, Rhodes) will see better starts, stance and turns in all winds

Advanced Windsurfing Skills

  • Forward Loops
  • Back and Push Loops
  • Vulcans
  • Spocks
  • Carving freestyle: up and downwind 360s, duck gybes 
  • Waveriding: back and frontside from learning to ripping a wave to bits 
  • Wavesailing strategy: Getting out better, catching the right waves in the right place, riding the wave in style

From gybing to wavesailing you are sure to progress with Jem Hall.


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